Trayah • Pottery workshops and courses

The client

Trayah is a pottery studio based in Bengaluru, India. Trayah teaches, curates and helps make pieces that fit right into any setting, having a story of its own. Trayah is a team of 3 women creating products focusing on tableware and conducting fun workshops, including the pottery wheel and hand-building.

The Problem

Trayah, a pottery studio, requires a website where users can register for their courses and workshops. They also need a dashboard for tracking course registrations and adding new classes or workshops. The design must be minimal and easy to use.


I started with some research on different pottery studio websites. After gathering information about the needs, I started working on the landing page's wireframes, creating the following designs after a week of playing around with different fonts and color schemes.

These were some of the initial drafts for the landing page.

After several revisions, this was the final design selected by the client.

Course / workshop registrations

Users can select a course, read about what the program offers, and register online.

The registration form gathers information about the user's contact details and the batch they want to join. The last step is the payment process. Once the user completes the payment, they receive a notification with the course details through an email.

Design language


6 weeks.

Tools & Technologies

  • Design: Figma.
  • Frontend development: React, TypeScript, Bootstrap, CSS3
  • Backend development: Express, Node, Firebase (Auth, Real-time database), Cloudinary, SendInBlue.
  • Analytics: Google Analytics.

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