Homero • Book house cleaning online

The client

Homero is an NYC based company offering cleaning services in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The problem

Homero needs a web application where users can reserve a house cleaning service with ease. Users select the cleaning type, a suitable time slot, and provide certain information required to secure the booking.

Homero's first design involved 8 different steps in completing a booking reservation. For a better user experience, I must limit it to 4.Users should also be able to use different coupon codes to avail discounts.


The initial design involved 8 steps in completing a house cleaning reservation.

Step 1: The user selects how often they want Homero to clean their apartment.

Step 2: The user selects the required add-ons of their choice.

Step 3 and 4: The user selects the cleaning date and time.

Step 5 and 6: The user enters their home address and answers a few additional questions.

Step 7: The user reviews their booking information before proceeding to complete payments.

Step 8: The user enters their contact details and completes the payment.

The Refactor

Step 1: The user selects the cleaning type. We also show the order summary with a cost breakdown at all stages of the reservation process.

Step 2: The user selects the date and time of cleaning. They can also claim a discount if they are flexible for house cleaning anywhere between 9 am and 4 pm.

Step 3: Here, the user answers a few questions regarding the

  1. Frequency of cleaning. (Once, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly)
  2. Address and apartment number.
  3. Required add-ons, etc.

Step 4: The final step. The user enters their contact information and uses coupons to avail discounts. Once the user consents to the terms of service, they can go ahead and complete the booking.


12 weeks.

Tools & Technology

  • Design: Figma.
  • Frontend development: React, Redux, TypeScript, Ant Design, Urql.
  • Backend development: Express, TypeScript, Apollo GraphQL, type-graphql, TypeORM, PostgreSQL.
  • Analytics: Google Analytics, Hotjar, Amplitude.

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