About Adithya

About me

As you might have guessed already, I'm Adithya, a 23-year-old UX Engineer from Bengaluru, India.

I'm a React nanodegree graduate and an IDF certified UX Designer. Free time is hard to come by, but I freelance and craft web apps for a living when it does.


I studied computer science and engineering at RNS Institute of Technology, Bangalore. During my time at RNSIT, I volunteered as a graphic designer with a small team that helped me jump-start and hone my digital designer skills.

I'm currently working on the Culture+™ product suite at Softway as a UX Engineer. Besides design, I also build web apps using React, Node, and many more tools.

Companies I've worked with

Culture Plus

Things I'm good at

Things I'm good at

Pen tool icon Design

User Experience, User Interface, Wireframing, Prototyping, Web design

Terminal icon Development

JavaScript, Reactjs, Redux, Express, Nodejs, TypeScript, Nextjs, GraphQL, PostgreSQL

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